Personalized Gifts

About Us

The Business

SweetPiks is a small humble start-up founded by Rachel Lui.

It all started with the idea of having sweets delivered to doorsteps anywhere in Singapore in a little box.
With that, we decided to have Japanese sweets as they aren't easily accessible and the packagings are extremely adorable.
And so, SweetPiks was born.

Our boxes are hand packed individually and we make sure each box has its own specialty.
We categorise our products into different batches based on its taste / colour / type, targeting people with different personalities or tastes.

Besides making our customers feel special from receiving handpacked gift boxes, each Pik is limited to a quantity of 3 at every launch.

Our Mission

Our mission is to primarily allow sweet lovers to have a monthly subscription and have sweets delivered right to their doorstep.

Any Enquiries,

Do feel free to drop us an Email at or head on down to our contact page to leave us a message!

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